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Cooperslane Naturals
Companions Choice is a live oral probiotic powder designed to enhance and restore appetite and digestion. It is used to supplement an animal’s own production of digestive enzymes and provides for a faster and more complete breakdown of food into nutrients and energy. 

Companions Choice is specifically formulated using quality tested ingredients including: effective bacterial cultures, live reproducible yeast, enzymes and vitamins to resolve digestive upsets.
When to use? 
​Here at Cooperslane, we use the powder daily on the puppies food. It helps puppies grow healthy and eliminates diarrhea and loose stool. 

Our soon to be moms and our nursing moms also get the powder daily. This greatly helps with weight loss during nursing, keeps their coats and ears healthy, and passes good bacteria along to their puppies through pregnancy and nursing. 

It also helps with;
* Pre and post surgery
* During antibiotic therapy
* Show, performance or work events
* Travelling or Moving
* Diet Changes
* Periods of increased food for required weight gains
* Deworming
* Newborns
* Any other changing conditions or new environments.